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Dr Trevor Maze

Occupational Health


  • Associate – Faculty of Occupational Medicine, RCP London, FOM
  • Member – Society of Occupational Medicine, SOM
  • Member – Association of Railway Industry Occupational Health Practitioners, ARIOPS
  • Member – European Workplace Drug Testing Society, EWDTS
  • Member – Association of Local Authority Medical Officers, ALAMA
  • Member – Higher Education OH Practitioners, HEOPS
  • Treasurer – International Association of Physicians for the Overseas Services, IAPOS


Dr Trevor Maze has extensive experience as an occupational physician in corporate, e-Health, NHS & academic roles. He is registered by the UK General Medical Council with a Licence to Practice. He undertakes regular CPD and revalidated in August 2017. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and an Associate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

He has over 30 years of broad-based medical experience and leadership in health-care delivery, most of it in occupational health. He trained in anaesthesia and critical care medicine in the NHS and spent time as a ship’s surgeon with the Royal Navy before moving to the offshore oil industry and occupational health. He has  advised major public and private sector employers. At one time or another, he has advised or worked in most major industry sectors.

He runs a niche occupational medicine practice directly advising employers on occupational health, corporate travel health and workplace drug testing. He is a trained Medical Review Officer for companies who wish to screen their workforce for substance abuse. He is retained as Medical Review Officer by a number of UK laboratories and collection companies. He has been an approved Doctor for MCA, and several foreign maritime jurisdictions. He is an HSE Appointed Doctor under CLAW, CAW and IRR. He is on the FOM Register of HAVS-trained physician.

He has a working familiarity with the American OSHA regulatory system, having been the designated physician for one DuPont site and two Invista Textiles (Koch) sites in the UK, as well as the pension fund medical advisor for Invista.

He possesses an ability to get alongside people and simplify complex medical messages for the non-technical recipient. He demonstrates an ability to work within the most sophisticated employer spaces such as DuPont, Koch, Tullow and other major UK clients as well as small employers and HR consultancy firms.

Throughout his career, he has attempted to learn from others and to apply this to his professional activities. He is interested in ethically developing, providing and improving commercial occupational health. He has had a personal email account since 1991 and was an early contributor to Internet OH resources, including being editor of the Occupational Medicine section for the Open Directory Project (www.dmoz.org), a human-edited internet directory used by a number of web search engines.

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