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Hannah Chambers

Adult Physiotherapist


  • HCPC Registration No. PH 62122
  • CSP Membership No. 66744
  • BSR Membership No. 015407
  • MLACP No. 14/81
  • MACP Membership
  • AACP Membership No. 9431
  • ICO Registration No. ZA248485
  • MLACP Committee – Medicolegal interest group for Expert Witnesses 2020
  • AStretch Committee – Network of Physiotherapists working in the management of Spondyloarthritis 2021
  • BSR Physiotherapy Working Group – Group working for the British Society of Rheumatology in the interests of Physiotherapists 2021


Hannah has over nineteen years’ clinical experience as a Physiotherapist and is highly experienced in general musculoskeletal, having a particular interest in complex conditions including inflammatory disease, spinal conditions and persistent pain. Hannah currently treats patients who have complex needs and have frequently failed previous physiotherapy. Trained in advanced physical assessment skills as part of a Master’s degree in Health, which gives a greater understanding of general medicine.

Extended scope skills, including awareness of medications, use of imaging and injection therapy.

Attended a medico-legal course run by the MLACP to ensure an understanding of the legal system and the structure required for report writing. Hannah has gained the clinical and academic skills required to act as an Expert Witness and act on behalf of solicitors in a wide range of complex musculoskeletal medico-legal cases. Has been involved in physiotherapy competency for the HCPC which is impartial and musculoskeletal cases for the prosecution and defence.

Prosecution vs Defence

50% vs 50%

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020 8460 7400





Reporting Areas

Including, but not limited to:

Physiotherapy Reports