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Hayley Smith

Adult Occupational Therapist


  • BAHT level 1- January 2006
  • BAHT level 2 the thumb- December 2007
  • BAHT level 2 the wrist- July 2008
  • One day neoprene splinting course 2008
  • BAHT level 2 acquired conditions- November 2008
  • BAHT level 2 the PIP joint- 2009
  • Ultrasound for Occupational therapists with Tim Watson- 2009
  • 1 Day Patterson Dynamic Splinting course- October 2009
    Management Core Modules- May 2010
  • BAHT Level 2 Fractures May 2011
  • 1 day BMI study day April 2012 – OA thumb and Casting
  • BAHT Level 2 Optimising Tissue Repair June 2012
  • BAHT Conference yearly
  • BSSH Fractures and OA 2-day course
  • Hand therapy 2- 30 credit
  • Masters module- Brunel University 2013
  • The art of professional practice- Brunel University 15 credit module 2014
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing 20 credit Masters Module 2015
  • BAHT Level 2 Work Related Upper Limb Disorders October 2015
  • Upper limb injecting module October 2015-Jan 2016
  • BAHT Level 2 Work Related Upper Limb Disorders October 2015
  • Injection upper limb Masters module September –December 2015
  • MSC: Health and Wellbeing: Advanced Practice
  • 3 x yearly APPN
  • Yearly BAHT conference
  • Planned diagnostic Ultrasound course

MSc, BSc (Hons)

Hayley has seventeen years of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist and fifteen years within Hand Therapy and Upper Limb Services. She currently maintains a clinical role both as a treating therapist and also as a Consultant Hand Therapist which allows me to remain up to date and skilled in all areas of diagnosis and treatment. She currently assesses and treats patients with upper limb injury and conditions and who have complex needs and have frequently failed with previous therapy (both occupational therapy and physiotherapy). She has gained advanced clinical and diagnostic skills as part of her current clinical role and as part of a Master’s degree in Advanced Practice. Her previous role as an Extended Scope Practitioner has enabled her to develop extended skills in the interpretation of diagnostic imagery and injection therapy.

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020 8460 7400





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