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Joanne Norman

Adult Nurse ~ Children's Nurse


  • MA Higher and Professional Education 
  • Certificate Professional Studies in Counselling 
  • Certificate Adult Education C&G 730 
  • Registered Health Visitor 
  • Registered District Nurse  
  • Registered General Nurse 


Joanne is a highly qualified senior nurse and community specialist with expertise in primary and acute health provision, across all sectors of clinical practice and all age groups.

She is an outstanding communicator who relates professionally and positively. She is experienced in writing and presenting reports for court and at multi-agency board level.

She is currently working in an established portfolio career, providing consultancy that focuses on standards of care across the health sector.

She is a skilled facilitator trainer and consultant, specialist health professional, with a focus on assessment of people of all ages.

She has expertise in the quality assurance of clinical services.

She is experienced in developing and delivering care systems that reflect the legal and national standards framework, with effective evaluation and monitoring processes.

Phone Number:

020 8460 7400





Reporting Areas

Including, but not limited to:

Quantum Reports
Loss of Service Reports
Aids and Equipment Reports
Breach of Duty and Liability Reports