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Michelle Mamode

Adult Occupational Therapist


  • Has successfully completed Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Training in securing behavioural change
  • Involvement in in-service training and the education of OT students and administration colleagues
  • Assessment and advising of disabled people on outdoor mobility problems
  • Reviewing driving ability and trained in Blue Badge Assessment
  • Non-pharmacological symptom management
  • Qualified Otago exercise leader
  • Completed Bond Solon – Excellence in Report Writing
  • Currently enrolled on The Future Leader Programme 21 (run by Association of UK Dieticians)

BHSc (Hons)

Michelle is a motivated healthcare professional with a wide knowledge base having worked in a range of health and social care settings, more recently specialising in community occupational therapy. Her recent roles have expanded outside of the rehabilitation approach including falls prevention, community mobility, facilitation of healthy living and ageing in place.

She has experience in adapting the home environment to promote optimal functioning, provision of education programmes, treatment groups and classes and functional evaluation of clients across the lifespan faced with a variety of mental and physical challenges.

She has always reflected and built upon my core Occupational Therapy skills with the aim of enabling people to achieve health, well-being, and life satisfaction through participation in occupation, with a focus on occupational justice and social integration.

She is currently studying for a Masters in Advanced Occupational Therapy and was involved in the production of the recent Royal College of Occupational Therapists publication ‘Occupational Therapy in the Prevention and Management of Falls in Adults’.

Phone Number:

020 8460 7400





Reporting Areas

Including, but not limited to:

Occupational Therapy Reports
Quantum Reports
Breach of Duty and Liability Reports
Loss of Services Reports